The Art of Experiment


ArtNauka is an international scientific and entertainment project. The company operates in the Science&Art field creating Edutainment (Education + Entertainment) materials for the 25+ audience. We cover the whole area of scientific popularization for commercial events: from interactive workshops to team buildings, shows for thousands of people and closed presentations of new products around the world.

Our mission is to prove that science exists beyond endless flasks and laboratories with restricted access. Science is many-faceted, exciting and available to everyone.

Our company has done projects for many famous brands such as Taobao, Sberbank, Audi, Ikea, Phillip Morris, Volkswagen etc. We also led international performances and various franchises in Russia and abroad.

We design our products in cooperation with highly qualified and eager people. Our team includes professional physicists, chemists, engineers as well as actors, experienced project managers and even a molecular biologist.





Foreign media about ArtNauka

England: «The collest show on Earth» (
Indonesia: «Artnauka is one the bravest company to use liquid nitrogen, along with its danger and consequences, and turn it into an enjoyable show sans the risk» (Read more →)
USA: «Russian scientists take it(Science) to the streets and public spaces with their special brand of performance art» (Read more →)




Our History

Within six years, we turned from a startup to a company engaged in the whole cycle of popularization: from TV shows to small street masterclasses, to massive stage shows, and to private car presentations worldwide.



Foundation of ArtNauka. Within the first year of the company’s existence, we had such clients as All-Russia Science Festival, Ikea, Audi, Sberbank, Philip Morris, Volkswagen and many more.


We designed a unique format — «Science Show» that helped us conquer the event market and operate across Russia.


Demand breeds supply. One unusual request led to a new development path – a molecular cuisine, which is still highly popular among our clients.


The first year of international experience: we had a series of shows in Italy. We also decided to build up interactions with the largest educational projects – Opora Russia, Seliger, Science Festival, and Innovative Convention.


We launched a franchise to make our science shows available across Russia, from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad. Our projects took hold in the international market – Poland, Armenia, China, United Arab Emirates and beloved Italy. We also started to design the biggest science show in the world – Cryoeffect. Five people, 200 liters of liquid nitrogen, new technologies, entertainment visual effects.


We became permanent panellists for many TV shows on national TV channels: from scientific experiments at Dobroye Utro (1st channel) to visual effects at special Day of Atom air. We launched two new products – Team Buildium (intellectual team buildings) and Individual Project (special programs developed according to the specific requests of our clients). Mainly, these programs are about proving product features through chemical experiments rather than simply making a nice show. Such experiments are designed in the form of a show or a masterclass where visitors can perform tests by themselves and verify the quality of our client’s product.


2016 was the year of our official debut in the international market: our franchise moved beyond Russia to Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. Our «Superhero from chemistry» project has already been described in 12 languages. Media wanted to interview us, and our leader participated as an expert in various marketing, PR and educational conferences. After a successful presentation at Taobao Maker Festival in China in July 2016, followed by few significant projects, we have identified a promising path of our further development – designing the biggest liquid nitrogen show in the world for both Russian and international projects.