1. Forum for Young Entrepreneurs.
    Topic: True Insights of an Entrepreneur.
  2. RMA Business School.
    Topic: Entrepreneurship in the Event Market.
  3. ACCELERATOR.RU Business Accelerator.
    Topic: Omni-Channeling.
  4. COLISIUM International Music Convention.
    Тема: Омниканальность и маркетинг будущего.
  5. Летняя Школа Русского Репортера.
    Topic: Omni-Channeling and Marketing of the Future.
  6. EXPO 2017 Astana.
    Presentations at the opening of the Russian Pavilion and during the exhibition.
  7. «World Model» events.
    Topic: How to Unleash Your Startup Potential.
  8. The Push for Change. Hackathon, Rybakov Found.
    Mentor of the Virtualia project (winner). 
  9. RIF+KIB, Internet Media Holding.
    PR Online: Content vs. Communication Channels.
  10. International music convention Colisium.
    Topic: Marketing of Tomorrow.
  11. Stage 2017 Forum, Granatmusic.
    Case-Study Launching a New “Umbrella Brand” Product.
  12. Global Event Forum 2017,
    Masterclass: Digital PR.
  13. Global Event Forum, 2017
    Digital Communications – panel discussion moderator.
  14. TransKommForum 2017, Moscow Metropolita.
    Topic: Interaction of State Companies with Media and Social Networks.
  15. Business Breakfast with Pavel Annenkov.
    Masterclass: B2B marketing.
  16. PR+ All-Russia Forum, Interforum.
    Topic: Structured Information Attack.
  17. An Effective PR 2016: New PR Technologies, Image Media.
    Topic: Interest Me: Creating a Newsworthy Event.
  18. Breakthrough Forum, 2S – Center of Strategic Communication, Smolensk.
    Topic: Lifting Business to the Federal Level.
  19. EdCrunch Conference, MISiS & Rybakov Fond.
    Topic: The Art of Presentation and Public Speaking.
  20. Stage 2016 Forum, Granatmusic.
    Topic: Digital Communication for Agencies.
  21. Global Event Forum 2016, 
    Topic: Digital Communication for Agencies.
  22. An Effective PR, Image Media.
    Topic: How to Surprise a Reporter and Get a Publication.
  23. The Day of Event Technologies, AKMR.
    Topic: An Effective PR through Press Conferences.
  24. Breakpoint Forum, Aiesec.
    Topic: Business Planning – Delusions Aside.
  25. Seliger: Entrepreneurship stream, Zvorikinskiy Project.
    Topic: Creating a Customer Journey on the napkin.
  26. All-Russia Advertising Week, Prime Time Forum.
    Topic: Multi-Channel Marketing.
  27. Successful Business Conference, Opora Russia.
    Topic: The Best Strategies to Promote Your Business.