Thanks to this project, we have become superheroes and spoken 15 languages!


SUPERHERO FROM CHEMISTRY Project was published in 15 languages by Macedonian, German, Brazilian, American, French, and – of course – Russian top media. Photo project has more than 20 000 repostsв and posts on the 15 largest international media portals с with the total monthly traffic over 395 million readers. We gained great experience in organizing a newsworthy event, and we are glad to share this experience with you!



Exclusive teambuilding turned out to be an event that rocked the Internet!

It’s been six years of blowing up, setting hands on fire, pouring liquid nitrogen on people – all this with no punishment whatsoever! Why? Because that’s what we do – we popularize science using any possible ways – shows, team buildings, masterclasses. Photoshoot also had a scientific content. The idea was to dress each employee as a chemical element or material illustrating their features by visual effects aka superpowers. It is an excellent example of how to turn simple teambuilding into an event that makes each employee not only a part of the team but the company as a whole. During this show, each participant becomes not a performer, but a creator!

Apart from interesting pictures for the corporate websitew, we also gathered our cumulative experience in promotion and designed several case studies that have earned many thanks.
We discussed how to grab the attention of foreign media and what channels to use for that, how to promote events in social networks, and how to make any event a newsworthy one. To our pleasure and surprise, these case studies have been in demand not only in Russia but abroad as well. Famous American B2B editors translated our materials into English for the use on the domestic market.


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